Co-Founder, Baby Whisperer

“My soul purpose is to empower every single person I meet to become the best versions of themselves.”

Dr. Chelsie is a family woman first and a chiropractor second. Born and raised in the heart of Genesee County where she spent the school year striving to be at the top of her class and summers camping and fishing. Dr. Chelsie knew she desired to make chiropractic a career after witnessing it change her mother’s life after breaking her back in a motor vehicle accident.

Dr. Chelsie is a national leader in revolutionizing healthcare and the way we receive the care we need. She helped build one of the largest chiropractic health centers in the Tri-Cities before moving to Bay City, Michigan. It was there that she helped pregnant moms, babies, kids and entire families. She has helped women achieve their goals of natural birth, VBAC, and overall comfort during pregnancy.

In children, she has seen positive results in behavioral issues, lack of sleep, teething pain, irritability, colic, infantile reflux, constipation, ear infections, and plagiocephaly just to name a few!

Aside from being a chiropractor, Dr. Chelsie is also a motivational communicator who educates her tribe on various health and lifestyle topics. She is a familiar face at local coffee shops and boutiques. In her spare time, you can find her snuggled up on the couch with her two adorable kids and chihuahuas reading a motivational book with a matcha latte in hand.

Co-Founder, Chiropractic Warrior

"My Life is in God’s Hands, by his Grace I’m able to Rise each day, Serve others, and Love people unconditionally."⁠

Dr. Jon was born and raised in the beautiful thumb of Michigan – Sebewaing – where he spent his early childhood days fishing, playing music and playing every sport imaginable. Dr. Jon’s passion for health started after witnessing his father suffer with cancer. He knew that God had a specific plan for him to lead people to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. ⁠

Dr. Jon’s life quickly changed after his first chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Tiller in Birch Run. After months of care his neck pain, migraines and concentrating issues he suffered with since a four-wheeler accident 6 years prior, were gone. ⁠
Dr. Jon claims that his love for chiropractic was instant, just like music – a hands on expression of art. Dr. Jon loves the challenge to specifically find the disconnect between the source (the brain) and the pathways (nervous system). 

He specializes in the treatment of athletes, geriatrics, scoliosis, and families of all ages. He is continually humbled by God’s grace and devotes himself to wake up each day with a light to shine on all people he is blessed to serve.⁠

Aside from being a chiropractor, Dr. Jon is also a proud husband, father, musician and hunter. He spends his free time being present with his two children, Jonah & Leland, and wife, Dr. Chelsie. He enjoys wandering the shores of God’s Country in Northern Michigan always in search of precious stones and wild mushrooms.⁠

Associate Doctor

“To serve is to love.”

Dr. Miranda was born and raised in Bay City, MI, where chiropractic wasn’t introduced to her until well into her college years. It was there, however, that it changed her life for the better and she knew that was the direction her life needed to go. Chiropractic was the missing puzzle piece in her view of the health care world, and she knew that she wanted more than anything to be able to help unlock the body’s God given potential with her own two hands. 

Dr. Miranda is fiercely passionate about helping everyone, because she believes everyone should have access to chiropractic care, but focuses on the care of moms-to-be and newly born babies. Having just had a sweet baby girl in January of 2021, she knows the importance of proper nervous system care during this amazing time for mom and baby alike. 

To make her dream a reality, she studied Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia where she took special interest in the pediatric population, as well as worked with one of the best pediatric chiropractors in the area. In her time, she has seen so many positive outcomes with chiropractic care, the best being an improved quality of life, and it is a major staple in her own family. 

Dr. Miranda is a wife, mom, and dog-mom who is so passionate to help everyone and anyone unlock their own innate potential. She can’t wait to serve you and your family. 

MARCUS MORGAN - Chiropractic Assistant

"Happiness is a choice." - My Mom

What you see isn’t always what you get! Beneath Marcus‘ rough exterior is a fun-loving, kind, and caring man who loves his wife, family, and church! Marcus was born and raised in Bay City, graduated from Bay City Central High School, and received his Bachelor’s in Ministry and Leadership from Grace Christian University in Grand Rapids, MI. When he isn’t at the office or serving at church you can probably find him at home reading, cleaning, or playing video games. He is passionate about this community, helping others, and sharing Jesus’ love the best he can! 

KENDALL BADER - Chiropractic Assistant

Kendall is married to her best friend, Tyler, and is the momma to an unbelievably cute and energetic toddler, Beckett. She was born and raised in the Lansing area and then went to school in Grand Rapids, where she studied nonfiction and screenwriting. She grew up performing in the theater and now serves on the worship team at Radiant Church here in Bay City. Her biggest passions are writing, movies, and music. She is and will always be a creative at heart!

She is brand new to the chiropractic world but has quickly been blown away by the life-giving benefits she has seen for herself and the patients at Rise. She is a people-person and loves to tell stories and laugh, so sitting at the front desk and getting to know the incredible patients is a huge blessing to her! She could not be happier to be a new addition to the Rise family.

ANGELA HAAS - Chiropractic Assistant

Angela is an energetic, happy soul who loves to pursue knowledge in natural healing. She grew up in Bay City, MI where she still resides with her hubby and children. Angela is a helper at heart and wants to see everyone succeed in health and in happiness. she enjoys hot summer days, kayaking, traveling, and ending days with close friends and family.


Alexa is big-hearted, kind, and patient. She graduated from Garber High School in 2020, and is  now attending Delta College to pursue a degree in nursing. She eventually plans to get her master’s degree and become a pediatric nurse practitioner; Alexa is a natural caretaker and helper. She loves spending time with her friends, family, boyfriend, and her dog, Groot. She worked as a CNA prior to working at Rise and she cannot wait to further her career in healthcare.

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