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Dr. Chelsie

Dr. Chelsie is a family woman first and a chiropractor second. Born and raised in the heart of Genesee County where she spent the school year striving to be at the top of her class and summers camping and fishing. Dr. Chelsie knew she desired to make chiropractic a career after witnessing it change her mother’s life after breaking her back in a motor vehicle accident.

Dr. Chelsie is a national leader in revolutionizing healthcare and the way we receive the care we need. She helped build one of the largest chiropractic health centers in the Tri-Cities before moving to Bay City, Michigan. It was there that she helped pregnant moms, babies, kids and entire families. She has helped women achieve their goals of natural birth, VBAC, and overall comfort during pregnancy.

In children, she has seen positive results in behavioral issues, lack of sleep, teething pain, irritability, colic, infantile reflux, constipation, ear infections, and plagiocephaly just to name a few!

Aside from being a chiropractor, Dr. Chelsie is also a motivational communicator who educates her tribe on various health and lifestyle topics. She is a familiar face at local coffee shops and boutiques. In her spare time, you can find her snuggled up on the couch with her two adorable kids and chihuahuas reading a motivational book with a matcha latte in hand.

Dr. Jon

Dr. Jon was born and raised in Sebewaing, MI. Growing up in the thumb near the water, he spent his early childhood days fishing, playing every sport available, and writing music. His passion for health started when his father was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after his father's death, Dr. Jon knew God had a specific plan for his life. One that would lead him to Rise out of his current stagnant lifestyle, Serve others before himself, and Love people unconditionally.

Dr. Jon’s mission in life is to Rise, Serve, Love everyday through the gifts God has given him. Dr. Jon’s love for chiropractic was instant. Just like playing music, chiropractic was a hands-on expression of art. Dr. Jon loved the hands-on approach and challenge of finding the disconnect at the source and pathways throughout the body. Personally, chiropractic has helped him restore proper function to concentrate for long periods, diminish chronic neck pain, eliminate migraines, and reverse years of bad postural habits. His mission began at Logan University in St. Louis, MO where he obtained his bachelors in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic in December 2015. He is humbled by God’s grace and continues to Rise, Serve, and Love every patient that walks through the door.

Dr. Miranda

Dr. Miranda is a prenatal and pediatric focused chiropractor who’s overall passion is caring for the whole family! She believes everyone needs and deserves chiropractic care to help achieve the highest levels of health, and she feels truly blessed to care for you and your little ones. While her focus is on family wellness, she'd be lying if she said she didn’t have a special place in her heart for pregnant mama’s! Having two home births herself, it's her mission to help all moms and moms-to-be have the most redeeming, powerful, and God-given experience when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth.

Outside the office, she is a wife to an awesome husband and a mom to 2 humans, 2 dogs, 6 chickens, and 1 bunny! She is an aspiring homesteader who is always looking to learn how to be more self-sufficient, loves chiropractic, all things birth, and prays that God always leads her to serve others the best she can!

Dr. Stefano

Dr. Stefano is a second generation chiropractor whose chiropractic journey began very early in life. He received his first adjustment when he was only a day old. He lives life with a natural health philosophy. He enjoys working with patients that wish to move/feel better and get their nervous system to function optimally. He incorporates a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, nutritional recommendations and/ or exercises. His belief is that overall health is not a one size fits all approach and that patient care needs to be tailored to their individual needs/ goals.

Outside the office, Dr. Stefano and his wife Madison enjoy everything that Michigan has to offer. You can find them on the lakes, camping or searching for the best craft brewery. As a former college athlete he enjoys being outdoors and playing soccer and hockey in his spare time.

The Rise Advocates


Alexa is a kind, hard-working girl who is always down for an adventure. She absolutely loves anything to do with the outdoors. She loves to spend her time nourishing her soul by traveling, hiking, or tending to her garden. The outdoors and anywhere near the water is where she feels the most at home. She is also an avid reader, and any free moment she has you can catch her nose-deep in a book. Alexa is very passionate about health and wellness; she loves going to the gym and is also looking for more ways to better herself. She started her journey as a certified nursing assistant, but decided to switch paths towards a more holistic health approach. Alexa is now a pre-chiropractic student at SVSU and will be attending chiropractic school in the near future! She has been a part of the Rise team since 2020 and she is really grateful that her time here at Rise has allowed her to grow and find passion in caring for others naturally.


Angela is a happy soul that loves all things holistic. She loves to take any opportunity to learn new things and apply them within her own family. She grew up in Bay City where she still resides today. Chiropractic has been a huge part of her life since 2014 when it resolved her young daughter's digestive issues and also prevented her from delivering a breech baby boy that same year. Angela continues her own education on holistic approaches and loves working at Rise where she witnesses healing everyday!


Josh was born and raised in the Bay County area. He comes from a big family where he is one of six boys being born smack dab in the middle. Growing up in such a big family there were never many dull moments and he loved every minute of it. From camping and being up north or just having bonfires at his family house in Auburn these will always be his fondest memories of growing up. Josh became a part of the Rise team back in 2021. He enjoys being the handyman of the office doing whatever odds and ends need to be done. From hanging shelves, installing sinks, or changing the leather out on the adjustment tables he really just enjoys keeping busy. He is sure to greet you with a smile and will glady pour your next cold kombucha from the tap the next time you're in as one of his greatest joys is making people laugh and feel loved.


Justin was born and raised in Saginaw Township. At a young age he learned construction and remained on that path for just shy of a decade followed by well over a decade of customer service in the retail industry. After a major car accident rearranged his spine, he met Dr’s. Jon + Chelsie, who helped him recover and get back to life. After a second car accident, Justin decided to change career paths and in 2022 he became the mild mannered massage therapist he is today, helping people find peace in relaxation and reducing their pain. Justin knows Swedish (relaxation) massage techniques and enjoys deep tissue therapeutic massage. He is very passionate about the benefits of trigger point work and loves sharing his knowledge surrounding it. He also does cupping, stretches and scraping to help his client’s mobility and musculature. In his free time, Justin might be found doing leatherwork, making belts, trinkets, sheaths and other projects for his loved ones. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his friends, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and practicing his bow. By his side you’ll find his deeply loved Aussiedoodle named Malcolm. Studying the Bible is the largest part of his life, something he has enjoyed since his childhood. Justin may be a bit reserved at first, but he always enjoys making people laugh. Once you get to know him you’ll see his heart doesn’t quite fit in his chest; his kindness and humor keeps the office alive!


Renny, a vibrant and imaginative individual, shines with her bright personality in the office. As the creative bug of the team, she effortlessly brings artistic flair to everything she touches. When she’s not busy crafting captivating content for our social media platforms, she indulges in her passion for creating beautiful art, losing herself in the enchanting world of books, and immersing herself in the great outdoors.
She is a spirited adventurer, always seeking new and thrilling experiences that inspire her creative soul. Her energy is contagious and her witty jokes never fail to light up the office atmosphere. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she takes on the nurturing role of caring for the beloved office plant babies, ensuring they thrive and add even more life to the office.
With a magnetic personality she has become an invaluable member of the team, adding that extra spark to our daily endeavors!