Empowered Pregnancies

Dr. Chelsie and Dr. Miranda are Webster Certified through the international chiropractic pediatric association Webster.

Whether you are on the journey of early conception or eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one, cultivating a neuro-spinal system that is infused with love and connection creates the perfect sanctuary for a joyful and nurturing pregnancy. By fostering a freely flowing nervous system, your body can naturally align, flourish, and create an unbreakable bond with the newest addition to your loving family.

Each birth is an extraordinary and sacred venture. In the span of just nine months, a woman carries and nurtures the miracle of new life, an awe-inspiring creation. As pregnancy evolves from the very moment of conception, a woman’s body undergoes remarkable change which can be gracefully supported through gentle, chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments serve to enhance the integration of this magnificent process, honoring the innate wisdom of the body.

Webster is a specialized prenatal chiropractic technique that helps to ensure the pelvis and surrounding structures are properly supporting the growth and development of the baby. At Rise, we are here to support, educate and empower you throughout your pregnancy, which is why we are the leading prenatal and pediatric chiropractor in the Great Lakes Bay! We look forward to becoming a part of your pregnancy journey!

For more information on prenatal adjustments and birth education, Dr. Chelsie and Dr. Miranda prerecorded ‘Rise Like A Mother” for you to go through at your leisure to help ensure an even more seamless pregnancy.

Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy can help:

  • Shorten labor times
  • Fewer interventions
  • Create strong labor connection between mom and baby
  • More room for baby to grow and move freely
  • More comfortable pregnancies 
  • Improved energy levels

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