Our Approach

Chiropractic care aims to restore the body’s normal function, rather than merely treating conditions or diseases. We focus on the nervous system through gentle spinal adjustments, as well as using other various methods, including instrumentation adjustments. Our goal is to minimize stress related interference to the nervous system which may provide improved overall bodily function. It is important to note that optimal functioning of the various systems of the body rely on an optimal function of the nervous system.

Vitalistic Approach

Conventional medicine in America follows a mechanistic approach, perceiving the body as a collection of separate mechanical parts, each with its own specialist responsible for care. In contrast, a healing model rooted in vitalism recognizes the body as a dynamic organism that constantly adapts to its needs and desires. Vitalism acknowledges the presence of intelligence and order within the body, aimed at promoting healing. In this model, every system in the body coordinates and functions together.

Chiropractic is based on the principle of vitalism, understanding that the body has an innate intelligence for healing. When the body’s natural ability to adapt to life’s stressors, toxins, or traumas is disrupted, “dis-ease” can occur. This disruption is referred to as a “subluxation” or ”misalignment of the spine”, which may interfere with normal function of the nervous system. Through specific adjustments which provide more normal joint motion, chiropractic aims to remove subluxations, thereby releasing interference and allowing the nervous system to function optimally. In essence, chiropractic facilitates true healing that originates from within rather than relying on medications or surgical procedures. Chiropractic should be one of the first lines of defense when it comes to health and healing, rather than a last resort.

Nervous System Focus

Our entire life experience is governed by our nervous system. From every movement and sensation to our emotions and organ functions, the brain-body connection guides it all.

At Rise, we utilize INSiGHT scans to obtain accurate assessments of your central nervous system’s efficiency. During your first visit, we establish baseline measurements. Throughout your journey towards a wellness lifestyle, we continuously monitor your progress by performing reassessment scans.

The INSiGHT scans comprise three essential spinal-neural tests: Heart Rate Variability, Surface EMG, and Thermal. Together, these tests inform us about the impact of stress on your overall health and well-being.

Heart Rate Variability: This test measures your adaptability to life's stressors by seeing how rhythmic your autonomic nervous system functions.

Surface EMG: It assesses the energy required by the musculature to maintain your posture and how this energy is distributed throughout the spine.

Thermal: This test identifies temperature variations along the spine indicating areas of stress accumulation which may correlate with autonomic nervous system function.

By combining the information gained from all three INSiGHT scans, we obtain a comprehensive “blueprint” of how your body and nervous system are adapting and functioning. This allows us to precisely identify the location and depth of any issues present.